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Case Study: 59% increase in blog traffic for Timetastic

February 8, 2024

Michael M

Timetastic is an app for managing leave and absences in the workplace, replacing traditional spreadsheets and paper trails with a much more sensible software solution. This UK-based app streamlines the process of planning time off, from requests to approval and everything inbetween.

For almost four years we've been supporting Timetastic, writing content from their unique point of view – a UK-based, pro-worker view of HR that takes wellness and dignity into the equation when looking at productive workforces.

But it was in the last year of our partnership that we really honed in to drive traffic in certain important areas through a refined SEO strategy.

The last 12 months' performance of /blog.


Our approach to Timetastic's SEO focused on content enhancement, keyword research, and the creation of new articles. The initial strategic review identified three vectors of action:

  • Content refreshing: Our first goal was to maximise the value of existing content. We updated older articles with current statistics, integrated relevant keywords, and took aim at the competition.
  • Keyword research: We conducted thorough keyword research to identify new opportunities and see what potential customers were searching for. The company already has a great keyword spread, so this step was about drilling down on certain topics of opportunity, rather than entire categories.
  • Creation of new articles: With insights from our keyword research, we developed new articles to address gaps in the knowledge base and answer previously unasked questions. Each new piece was designed to bring a modern, unique brand take on the world of HR and meet search engine criteria, adding to Timetastic's respected resource library.


Content was produced and updated according to the strategy on a regular cadence over the course of a year. Not much else to say here – but the results came fast, so it made sense to continue.


The application of this tailored SEO strategy for Timetastic yielded really positive results. Over a span of 12 months, traffic to Timetastic's site increased by 59%. This figure represents a surge of 6,500 additional monthly visits from HR leaders and employees looking to improve their processes.

We captured the number 1 spot in various SERPs for some of our most valuable articles.

This article went from 9th to 1st place in the SERP in a matter of weeks.


The impact of our efforts happened almost instantly, with certain article updates showing traffic uplift within a week of publication. This rapid response shows how effective targeted SEO adjustments can be – but quick results like these are part of a broader, sustained effort to grow and maintain traffic levels.

The breadth of work undertaken to get these outcomes was actually pretty small. In total we made fewer than 25 combined new articles and revisions. Quality and relevancy wins over sheer volume.

While the core focus of Timetastic's SEO improvements was on content optimisation, the role of backlink building — conducted by another partner — shouldn't be overlooked. Although it played a supporting role, enhancing the site's already strong domain profile, most of the increased traffic was observed on the specific URLs involved in our content optimisation efforts.


Timetastic are one of our favourite clients. They have a really strong brand voice, a brilliant product, and the team sticks to their values. They're dedicated to building an ever more useful product, so it makes sense for them to outsource writing to a trusted partner.

If you'd like to know how we can achieve similar results for you, get in touch.

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